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DWC-KI9000 Infrared Wireless Conferencing

DWC-KI9000 is a wireless conferencing system adopt infrared transmission.It has video auto-tracing funtion and multiple speak mode.Simple operation and functional.The singals of audio and control are using infrared transmisions which have high confidentiality and anti-eavesdrop.It also supports bipolar transmission and control for multiple channels of languages and data.

●Large-capacity lithium battery for 8 hours speech or 25 hours stand-by time.

●Easy for mount and remove.

●It is used in infrared transmission for its merit of high confidentiality,anti-eavesdrop,no radio interference,moible phone anit-interference and no electromagnetic radiation.

●Auto-tracing funtion.It can connect up to 128 sets unit.

●4 channels coaxial infterface.It can expand 64 sets infrared receive unit.

●Supports for individual sound recording.

●Front board with LCD screen,which display the status of system and menu.

●First in first out funtion

●Transmission frequency:1.7MHz-10MHz.It is not affected by the high frequency driving light interference.

●Response frequency:20Hz-25KHz

●IEC60914 international standard and GBT 15381-94 China standard.