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K-DCS-6101 Conferencing System Mainframe

K-DCS-6101 is a high-performance conferencing system mainframe with mulitple conference mode(number of speakers and speak type),good expansibility and perfect audio processing,which adopt equalizer module,ambient noise suppression,digital frequency-shift to feedback control,and also support for voting funtion and data management funtion.It can be used in groups with other devices of conferencing system or central control system to form a high high tech intelligent conferencing system.

●The system can be connected up to 256 speech units which can access 4096 speech units without interference through the expansion of the controller.

●Supports open meetinmode g for 128 chairman units.

●The system can connected up to 256 64 interpreter units connecting which realize 7+1/11+1 languages simultaneous interpreting.

●8 pins aviation connector,"Hand in hand" connection mode,easy for maintenance and fix.

●Audio input infterface.

●Digital equalizer module and noise suppression module enable the voice clear.Two channels audio input and two channels output to connects peripheral devices.

●Speaking number limited function: discussion unit number 1/2/4/6 adjustable, chairman unit is not restricted.

●Support for automatic camera tracking function.

●support for voting funtion and data management funtion.

●Supports fire alarm system with linkaged trigger function. With the alarm-box can phonic warning of fire control.

●It can be made teleconferencing which used in conjunction with telephone coupler.

●2U chassis

●International power supply.

●IEC 60914 international standard and GBT 15381-94 China standard.